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    Anti Chat Spam 2.0 released

    Added new cvars: spam_message_cooldown default is "5". If player send 2 or more messages within 1 second, he will need to wait 5 seconds. block_spam_message_priority default is "10". If player is already muted and try to send 10 messages within 5 seconds, he will be banned by Diminishing...
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    Anti Chat Spam v1.0 Released

    Anti Chat Spam is counter strike 1.6 plugin on which allow you to easily filter spam messages on your server. Requirements: AMX Mod X >= 1.9 Features: - limit_messages_per_seconds default is "5". Player will need to wait 5 seconds from his last message. You can change this value whatever...
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    Creating Repositories

    It is recommended that you extend and make custom functions within Repositories. To do this, we simple extend our AbstractRepository class. namespace MyAddonId\Repository; use \MyDownloads\Repository\AbstractRepository; class MyCustomRepository extends AbstractRepository { /* We must...
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    Template Custom Functions & Global variables

    My Downloads cms uses Twig template engine. There are custom build functions that can be used in template: IsArray($variableName) - checks if variable is array. Return true if it is, otherwise false IsEmpty($variableName) - Return true on empty variable, otherwise return false...
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    Implemented Add an option to register via Metamask

    This suggestion is implemented. New members can register with their username without specifying password and email address.
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    Migration process

    As you may be noticed via email, we're moving to https://pixeltechdev.com from our old https://store.ristedimitrievski.mk. All account data and product purchases will be imported to the new domain. If you have trouble when logging in, reset your account's password or email us on...
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    Login using Metamask 1.1.1 released

    - Removed moralis requirement - Implemented easy registration without needing of password and email address. Added two new phrases: - metamask_signum - connect_with_metamask Removed Moralis requirement Implemented login & registration with metamask
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    Upcoming addon(s)

    Here is a list of upcoming addons in the upcoming weeks: Blogs Anonymous Posts Blogs Features: Create category, custom fields for specific category and SEO URLs for posts & categories All posts will be in schema based Choose who can post in specific category, view posts and who can comment...
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    Login using Metamask 1.0.3 released

    In this version, i fixed several bugs and updated the SDK to the latest version. Change log in v1.0.3: Moralis SDK updated from 1.9 to 1.10 Fixed bug redirection when successfully logged in
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    Login using Metamask 1.0.2 released

    I've implemented new functionality: Automatically logged in out if you switch your accounts on metamask Easy registration if you're trying to login with metamask but you don't have an account on the forum.
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    Redeem system addon

    Implemented, you can download it from customer area.
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    Implemented Add an option to register via Metamask

    Also it's possible.
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    Implemented Add an option to register via Metamask

    If the password is random, then he can not change their password using default xenforo's functionality. Why would this make any difference if the member can set password, username and email address during signup process of metamask addon: Some forums has email verifications required before...
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    Implemented Add an option to register via Metamask

    I'm thinking to implement it in the following way: - User click button Connect With metamask and if member does not have account with that account, it should open new modal where he can complete the registration process with username, password, and email address specified during this process.
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    Login using Metamask 1.0.1 released

    The following bugs have been resolved: - undefined jQuery error preventing you to associate your account with metamask
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    Bitcoin as a payment gateway

    I'm now accepting bitcoin as a payment gateway for all products listed in store.
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    Forum Moderators 1.0.0

    We've been seen this functionality in vBulletin 4 when browsing forum, the widget that lists Forum Moderators, now available for XenForo 2.2.9 too. Phrases: forum_mods moderators_of_this_forum Installation Instructions: - Install it as any addon, no new database tables - Configure your...
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    Boost Server List 1.1.2 released

    From now, you'll need to associate your License Key with product options. Note: your forum address should be corrected with that one entered in your customer area. you can change it at any time if it's wrongly set. Fix bug in class CurlRequest
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    Boost Server List 1.1.0 released

    This new version fix minor bugs that i've found myself.
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    Profile Customization 1.0.1 released

    This version fix minor bugs found when viewing member page and added new feature to change Border Color on active tab element. [FIX] Button 'Customize Profile' Shown to the other members viewing member page [IMPLEMENT] MutationObserver to detect when dom element has changed [ IMPLEMENT ] Border...