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Creating Repositories


PixelTech Developer
Staff member
It is recommended that you extend and make custom functions within Repositories. To do this, we simple extend our AbstractRepository class.

namespace MyAddonId\Repository;
use \MyDownloads\Repository\AbstractRepository;
class MyCustomRepository extends AbstractRepository
     We must implement abstracted public method getContentType()
     to be able to access to getModel() eloquent model
    public function getContentType()
        return 'Groups'; // We will make instanceof model Groups, so later when we will do $this->getModel() will return model.
    public function myCustomMethod()
        // To access Model instance we simple run:
        $this->getModel(); // Will return eloquent model instance

AbstractRepository gives you few methods:
  1. getModel() // will return instance of the eloquent model.
  2. finder ( Currently in development )
  3. insertRecord(array $data) // accept array data and insert it to the model. This does not validate for multiple data